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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gorgeous Jackets Galore

I am SO impressed lately with the influx of absolutely gorgeous jackets I've been seeing. As we are soon transitioning from winter to spring, now is the perfect time to purchase a lightweight and stylish jacket. Designers are clearly going out of their way to create unique styles and silhouettes in vibrant and rich colors with great quality. Below are some of my recent favorite jackets. In fact, I am pretty sure I would love wearing each and every one of these jackets on the daily.

Rag & Bone - $550
After going shopping with friends and pointing out this jacket, I have learned that it is not loved by all. But I think it's so effortless and edgy that it can be worn with the simplest of outfits but still maintain personality.

Rebecca Minkoff - $698
Anyone that knows me absolutely HAS to know that I am a loyal Rebecca Minkoff lover. I feel as though every piece she makes is so unique and everything down to the zippers is specifically chosen, creating a gorgeous piece. This jacket is no exception.

Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel - $895
Just take a minute and stare at this jacket. By far, this is my favorite jacket of all time. I am obsessed with it and quite frankly I need it. As you can see from the model, you don't have to wear anything crazy for this jacket to look incredible. I would wear it with a plain black tee and skinny jeans any and every day of the week.

Diane von Furstenberg - $1,200
I was honestly shocked to see this was designed by DVF because it's a bit edgier than her normal look, but I think the mix between the classic silhouette and the edgy studs makes it wearable, unique, and pretty awesome!

Georgie - $318
Army green is one of my favorite colors to wear because it passes for a neutral but it also makes a bit more of a statement than your basic black. This color is so gorgeous and I absolutely love the  quilting.

Ohne Titel - $1,250
This jacket is so trendy and fashionable right now. The slight peplum bottom mixed with two-tone leather definitely makes a statement. This jacket could be worn day and night flawlessly.

IRO - $1,198
Okay, fine, I'll admit it...I fell in love with this jacket once I saw it on new Real Housewife of Bev Hills, Yolanda. She wore it in royal blue and it looked absolutely amazing on her, probably because of the contrast with her blond hair and fair skin. Here it is in pink, which is equally as attention-grabbing. I love the detailing around this jacket and the bold zippers giving it the edgy biker look.

For someone loving the classic look of the typical black leather motorcycle jacket but yearning for a bit more edge and uniqueness, this is your jacket. I love the uneven hem at the bottom and the zipper pulls hanging down. 

Joe's Jeans - $298
So once you already have your classic jackets you may want to try something a little more crazy and daring like this one. Surely this wouldn't be your only spring jacket because it's a little much to wear daily, but nonetheless, this jacket is awesome and would be a great statement.

Rebecca Minkoff - $1,198
If you've read my blog posts before you would know that I try not to include the same designer twice in one post. But after seeing this gorgeous jacket, realistically, how could I resist? This jacket is absolutely stunning, but again, it's Rebecca Minkoff so no surprise there. 

What jackets are YOU loving lately?

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