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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Five Must Have Bags for Fall

Curious as to the perfect Fall must have bags? Look no further! 
Fall fashion is surely one of my favorites--who doesn't love layering chunky sweaters with fashionable scarves, tall boots and leather leggings? I certainly do! But the perfect Fall outfit is not quite perfect unless it consists of an adorable bag. And hey, it's almost Holiday season...so why not buy yourself an early present?

1. The Oversized Clutch
3.1 Phillip Lim - $450

The oversized clutch is a necessity and a staple. But even better than that, right now, it's insanely popular! This oversized clutch is perfect for the Fall because not only is the shape and size so versatile, but it's also THE 'it' color of the season! This subtle yellow is currently appearing all over the runways, on celebrities, and in magazines. So why not incorporate the season's hottest color in one of the hottest bag silhouettes?

2. The Shoulder Bag
Rachel Zoe - $595

Shoulder bags are clearly the most utilitarian silhouette...how else can we text and hold our Starbucks at the same time? This one is absolutely perfect. The shape is so unique and fun, while the mahogany color is rich and classic. With this bag, you simply cannot go wrong.

3. The Satchel
Frye - $398

I am absolutely in love with this new trend. This bag is so perfect for Fall with its distressed leather and coloring. But my favorite part has got to be the shape and hardware of this bag. The look is so effortless and chic that you truly can wear it wherever and whenever.

4. The Statement Bag
Alexander Wang - $895

My favorite part of Fall is bringing out the tall boots, the chunky sweaters, and the leggings and jeans. Layering is certainly one of my favorite trends. But sometimes, when it's cold, we sacrifice our style for warmer more comfortable pieces. This is precisely why this cute Alexander Wang bag is great for the colder months. Pair it with an all black and cozy ensemble and you're still crazy fashionable!

5. The Classic Bag 
Chanel - $4,300

Okay, so this bag isn't the most affordable bag, but it certainly is a something you have forever. This bag is the iconic Chanel flap bag that truly can never go out of style. It will look great with just about anything and is versatile enough to wear during the day or at night. The heavy hardware and chain will make you stand out and make your Fall look flawless.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Who Should You Check Out On Etsy?

If you don't already know, Etsy is an awesome website that allows consumers to browse through categories and check out some incredible homemade pieces. But with the thousands and thousands of items offered and all of the amazing DIY-ers on Etsy, it's hard to sort through and find some of the coolest and most unique things. 

Sooo I wanted to share some of my favorite Etsy sellers and some of the amazing things they make!

For Unique and Studded Denim: TheChicElephant

For Statement Necklaces: AnnyJewelry

For Awesome Leggings: LegMovement

For Cute Tanks & Tees: TwoStringJane

For Gorgeous Gemstones: OhKuol

For iPhone Cases: DreamZone

Are there any sellers you love on Etsy? What do you think?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's in MY Makeup Bag?

Want to see some of the things in my makeup bag? Take a look below!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweet Sweaters

October is here! 

Don't think that just because I live in Miami, I'm unable to enjoy a good comfy and fashionable sweater. Counting down until Thanksgiving break, I am seriously looking forward to wearing my boots, a pair of leggings or jeans, and a cozy sweater. Below are some sweaters that will keep you warm during the Fall-Winter seasons but won't sacrifice your style!

Aqua - $188

C by Bloomingdales - $288

Wildfox - $148

Wildfox - $178

Marc by Marc Jacobs - $188

Theory - $315

Generation Love - $172

Skull obsessed, I absolutely love the Wildfox Couture sweater above. It would look amazing with a pair of leggings and tall black boots! Next, ombre is probably one of THE biggest trends of the Fall--whether it be ombre jeans, ombre shirts, or even ombre hair. The blue Theory ombre sweater is really cute and transforms your basic sweater into a fun and fashionable one! Lastly, I would totally wear this Generation Love sweater with leather sleeves. It's to die for.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

CLOSET TOUR! - Miami Style

Hi everyone!

I've been reading all of your comments and suggestions and I finally listened to you and decided to do a mini closet tour! Bear in mind, I go to school in Miami so I don't have the greatest variety of clothing down here--all of my cute boots and extensive jean and legging collection are up in New York, but I still wanted to share some of my favorite Miami pieces with you.

Let me know what you think!
Thanks for watching!

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Date Jitters

Getting asked out on a date is fun, exciting, and special...but let's face it, nerves and butterflies are never far. Here are some tips to ease the first date stress regarding what to wear (a process that could take a few hours).

The Walk in the Park Date Outfit:
If you're asked on a date to take a nice stroll in the park, or a walk to get ice cream, you are VERY lucky. You can definitely find something in your closet to wear, and you only have to dress it up a tiny bit!

Aqua - $98

Paige - $158

Zadig & Voltaire - $450

Tory Burch - $550

Juicy Couture - $58

Michael Kors - $250

This outfit is so cute and absolutely perfect for a walk with your [potential] guy. These Paige jeans are insanely flattering and make a perfect duo with this adorable Aqua silk tank. Add these studded beige boots to showcase your fun personality and your biggest, most sophisticated bag. Paired with some simple and classic jewelry, you're set and the second date decision is all in your hands.

The Fancy Restaurant Date Outfit:
Of course we all love a guy who will take us to a nice restaurant, but this is probably the most nerve-racking of them all. To wear heels or to not wear heels?

Kain Label - $286

Diane von Furstenberg - $295

See by Chloe - $395

Marc by Marc Jacobs - $118

I think that this outfit is perfect for a first date. Sometimes, less is more. Far too often do I see the tightest, shortest dresses plastered to bodies and revealing every curve complemented by five inch heels and tacky sparkly hoop earrings. This, my friends, is not how to get asked out on a second date. The above dress is absolutely perfect, as it shows some skin but not too much. This mini dress is fun and flirty while the accessories give it a bold, edgy look. It's the "I'm trying but I'm not trying too hard" look, and it's perfect for the awkward first date at a fancy restaurant.

The Mini Golf/Outdoor Concert Date Outfit:
These dates are bound to be fun so dressing to actually be able to move around and participate in the action is essential. 

GUESS - $98

Sam Edelman - $65

Rebecca Minkoff - $195

Made Her Think - $242

This outfit is both cute and functional. Rompers are the greatest invention...bend down to hit your golf ball and don't worry about whether or not you're showing some rated R skin. This outfit is simple, sweet, and perfect for outdoor activities such as mini golf, an outdoor concert, or a boardwalk filled with rides and games. 

Annnddd lastly, here are some perfect first date nail colors!

My Romance

Cocktail Bling

Head Mistress

And you're set!
What do you think?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I love my crossbody bags, but they're especially perfect for going out at night. All you really need when going out is your wallet, phone, and some lip gloss, so a crossbody is absolutely perfect! Check out some cute and fun crossbody bags that are absolutely perfect for going out at night.

The Cambridge Satchel Company - $155

Tory Burch - $425

Rebecca Minkoff - $195

Reed Krakoff - $2,490

Loeffler Randall - $450

Marc by Marc Jacobs - $328

Fendi - $825

Sam Edelman - $258

The neon green crossbody is definitely my favorite. It comes in so many bright neons but also in some basic colors and it makes even the most boring of outfits look really interesting and fun! The Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in royal blue is a close second for me, as it adds a pop of color to any outfit!

What do you think?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Free People, I Don't Hate You Anymore

So apparently you don't have to be ridiculously bohemian to find cute pieces at Free People. I just learned this, a little too late, I guess. Every time I used to walk into the uniquely decorated hippielike store, I found the clothing tailored to only one consumer: the bohemian all American girl. Now, it seems to me that Free People is trying its hardest to offer a greater variety of clothing for a greater variety of buyers...and it's working!

Recently, I added to my Free People collection (which previously consisted of one black and gold studded iPhone case) by buying an amazingly cute long beaded necklace that my friend convinced me to buy, insisting I'd wear it all the time. Well, she was right...thanks Haley! I absolutely love it. 
Below, see a picture of the to-die-for necklace I just added to my jewelry collection along with some other really cute Free People clothing that even I, the edgy NON-Bohemian would wear!


(I got this in the purple colored beads and it has an elephant on it too! I absolutely love it...but now I want this color too!)

(The jacket...I need it)

 (The jacket)

(The skirt)

(The skirt)

(The skirt)



(The shorts)

(The skirt)


What do you think? 
Until next time!