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Friday, September 7, 2012

First Date Jitters

Getting asked out on a date is fun, exciting, and special...but let's face it, nerves and butterflies are never far. Here are some tips to ease the first date stress regarding what to wear (a process that could take a few hours).

The Walk in the Park Date Outfit:
If you're asked on a date to take a nice stroll in the park, or a walk to get ice cream, you are VERY lucky. You can definitely find something in your closet to wear, and you only have to dress it up a tiny bit!

Aqua - $98

Paige - $158

Zadig & Voltaire - $450

Tory Burch - $550

Juicy Couture - $58

Michael Kors - $250

This outfit is so cute and absolutely perfect for a walk with your [potential] guy. These Paige jeans are insanely flattering and make a perfect duo with this adorable Aqua silk tank. Add these studded beige boots to showcase your fun personality and your biggest, most sophisticated bag. Paired with some simple and classic jewelry, you're set and the second date decision is all in your hands.

The Fancy Restaurant Date Outfit:
Of course we all love a guy who will take us to a nice restaurant, but this is probably the most nerve-racking of them all. To wear heels or to not wear heels?

Kain Label - $286

Diane von Furstenberg - $295

See by Chloe - $395

Marc by Marc Jacobs - $118

I think that this outfit is perfect for a first date. Sometimes, less is more. Far too often do I see the tightest, shortest dresses plastered to bodies and revealing every curve complemented by five inch heels and tacky sparkly hoop earrings. This, my friends, is not how to get asked out on a second date. The above dress is absolutely perfect, as it shows some skin but not too much. This mini dress is fun and flirty while the accessories give it a bold, edgy look. It's the "I'm trying but I'm not trying too hard" look, and it's perfect for the awkward first date at a fancy restaurant.

The Mini Golf/Outdoor Concert Date Outfit:
These dates are bound to be fun so dressing to actually be able to move around and participate in the action is essential. 

GUESS - $98

Sam Edelman - $65

Rebecca Minkoff - $195

Made Her Think - $242

This outfit is both cute and functional. Rompers are the greatest invention...bend down to hit your golf ball and don't worry about whether or not you're showing some rated R skin. This outfit is simple, sweet, and perfect for outdoor activities such as mini golf, an outdoor concert, or a boardwalk filled with rides and games. 

Annnddd lastly, here are some perfect first date nail colors!

My Romance

Cocktail Bling

Head Mistress

And you're set!
What do you think?


  1. Enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pieces that you put together, but I think it might be a nice change to see something a little more personalized. Maybe you can show some of your own outfits that you put together or do a closet tour? You seem very knowledgeable of designers so it would be nice to see what some of your own personal favorites are and what outfits you actually wear.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion and for reading! I'm 100% considering a closet tour so be sure to keep checking back!!