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Online Shop With Eliza

I am quite the online shopper, and therefore can help you sort through the overabundance of online stores to shop from! Find everything you are looking for and more with the following reputable and fantastic sites!

Let's get these out of the way now:

As you must already know, these are the five greatest department stores. Online shopping through their websites could not be easier and more fun, especially when they're having great sales, which is often!

Now for the more unique ones:
Get the looks for less with...

While it's necessary to be a member of all of these sites in order to browse their merchandise, it is completely and entirely free to join. Every day at either 11 AM or 12 PM, depending on which website you go to, designer deals are showcased and easy to get a hold of. The most in-style clothing and accessories from every brand you could imagine are on these sites at least once! Give it a try...there is absolutely no harm in joining. Send me an email and I can easily invite you to any or all of these sites!

Let's shop here...

Above is some great online shopping. Between the sites listed, you simply cannot miss anything. Check out these websites for great brands and every kind of clothing and accessories you would ever want!

www.celebritystyleguide.com - Check out where your favorite celebrities buy their outfits! You are able to pick the celebrity of your choice, view some of their finer outfits, and see where the exact pieces they are wearing can be purchased! This site is tons of fun.

www.cocoperez.com - Perez Hilton's fashion news! I swear he knows all the gossip before anyone else.

www.kirnazabete.com - I absolutely love this store and website. So many risks are taken in the collections and everything is to die for!

www.vogue.com - Of course, everything you would ever need to know about fashion. Check out the latest trends, bold styles, and more.

www.lookbook.nu - This is an awesome site where anyone can submit great fashion advice and styles! I could spend all day scrolling down the pages looking at all of the unique styles.