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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday's Ten: Staying Stylish in the Cold

There is nothing worse than trying to look stylish when it's freezing out! It's just too tempting to throw on sweatpants and a huge down jacket and cuddle up with hot chocolate.
But there's no need to totally give up on looking fashionable just because it's cold out! Below are a few quick and easy piece you can throw on when you would prefer to keep your blood flowing over freezing to death.

1. A Fur Vest
Maximillian - $1,495 (on sale for $515 at Bloomingdales!)

Fur (or faux fur) vests are not only insanely in-style and fashionable, but they keep you cozy and warm! I love wearing my fur vests over sweaters and leggings, but for extra warmth, you can even throw them on over leather jackets, blazers, or peacoats! Fur vests can dress up any outfit for both day and night, and give you that extra edge in the cold months. Everyone needs at least one fur vest, plus, they're all on sale now!

2. A 100% Cashmere Sweater
360 Cashmere - $345

A 100% cashmere sweater is an absolute must for the freezing weather. Whether you're in an office during the day or running errands, a cashmere sweater will keep you warm but also stylish!

3. A Chunky Cardigan
Maje - $605

Chunky cardigans are great to keep in your purse or at the office because they're not only cute, but they're also so easy to throw on throughout the day when you need a little extra warmth. The thicker the cardigan the better when you're freezing your butt off!

4. A Leather Jacket
French Connection - $498

I love leather jackets so much that I wear them pretty much year-round. But I think they're perfect for winter because you can layer them under a larger peacoat or down coat and then keep them on throughout the day to stay warm! Similar to a cardigan, they can be thrown on when you're chilly, yet they scream edginess and fashion.

5. A Thick Blazer
Rebecca Minkoff - $328

There is nothing worse than going out in a dress or sheer top and shivering all night. Blazers are perfect for going out because they can be dressed up so simply and they always look put together and fashion-forward. Of course, blazers are also perfect for the day and can easily take the place of a cardigan.

6. Coated Jeans
Rag & Bone - $220

Coated jeans are great for so many reasons. They're in-style and unique, but they also tend to be thicker than your average jean, and are definitely heavier than leggings. Throw on a sweater and fur vest and you are set in both the fashion and comfort departments. 

7. Thick Booties
Jeffrey Campbell - $215

Dear ladies going out at night in heels: I don't know how you do it. The first part of my body to get cold is undoubtedly my feet, so why suffer during a night out in heels when adorable booties exist? I absolutely love Jeffrey Campbell booties, and shoes in general, because they're so edgy and chunky, but also insanely comfortable. Coated jeans tucked into these booties makes for a very fashion-forward and comfortable outfit!

8. Chunky Boots
Vince Camuto - $169

Ever since I purchased these boots a few months ago, I've been wearing them non-stop. These boots are perfect for winter because they're chunky and warm inside, but they're also such a statement. The gold plated detail attracts attention to the feet, so if you have the urge to wear a huge sweater and even potentially a huge down coat, you will still look fashionable! Can it get any better?

9. A Bib Necklace
Marc by Marc Jacobs - $198

Instead of a cute dainty necklace, throw on a statement bib necklace! Large necklaces like this Marc by Marc Jacobs one are unique, fun, and attention-grabbing. But best of all, they cover your chest enough to keep you that much warmer!

10. A Large and Structured Tote
Pour La Victoire - $495

If you're commuting to work in the freezing weather, a large structured tote is perfect for you because it fits your twenty different lip products, it's a statement, and it shields the wind just enough for you to hide behind it and stay warm!

How are YOU keeping warm and fashionable this winter season?

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