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Friday, February 3, 2012

Luscious Loubs

Christian Louboutin. Need I say more?
The most popular shoe designer has gotten the attention of all celebrities and us normal people alike with his eye catching designs above the signature red undersides of these shoes. Here are some of his craziest and classiest designs. Love 'em or leave 'em?
Leave 'em. They're cool, but c'mon...where are you going in these watermelon shoes?

Love 'em. These are SO edgy. They're black, so you actually can wear them, while drawing much attention to your feet with the spikes. They're so cool.

Leave 'em. They're a little too much, in my opinion. Additionally, they look like you kicked an animal and have proof left on your shoe. Just saying.

Love 'em. Live out your Wizard of Oz fantasies. They're not too bright nor are they forced, adding just a little pep to your step.

Love 'em. I really can't explain how exciting these shoes are. I love the peep toe mixed with the laces and the touch of red suede in the back. Wear them anywhere.

Love 'em. They're a lot, but I think they are totally awesome. I'm sure Lady Gaga has a pair.

LOVE 'EM. If you were going to get just one pair of Louboutins for the rest of your life, these would be them. They are so classy and the thicker heel gives them so much personality. I need them.

Leave 'em. I appreciate the different patterns, but to me, they just look so forced and tacky.

Love 'em. Be the talk of the town in this crazy pair. They're just enough to be exciting and attention-grabbing but not too much to be unwearable and overbearing.

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