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Friday, February 3, 2012

Customize Perfection

It seems as if they find every possible way to reel us in. I am finding myself having to shut my computer to ensure I don't order every single creation I customize online. As I sit here playing with these amazing websites, I would feel too guilty if I didn't share.
Check out the following websites where you can customize your own accessories!

1. Longchamp bag! www.longchamp.com

I have this bag for traveling and it fits EVERYTHING! It's by far the best traveler. But you can design any shape, size, color, etc. How can you go wrong here?

2. Max & Chloe jewelry! www.maxandchloe.com
I am obsessed with this website. No need to look any further...ever! From $30-30,000, you're set for a life filled with the most beautiful jewelry on this site! And now, you can customize your own!

3. Gorgeous shoes! www.shoesofprey.com
Amazing. Customize any kind of shoe here! Utilize your color blocking, pattern loving, colorful, or colorless shoes to your liking!

I customized the above shoes and I am OBSESSED. Choose your style--pumps, booties, sandals, etc. and then between leather, patent, glitters, snake skins, anything you could ever imagine! THIS is a guilty pleasure for sure.

4. More bags! http://www.laudividni.com/

5. Havianas Sandals! www.us.havianas.com

What do you think of my creations?

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