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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

YOUR Everyday Necklace

These are the two necklaces I have worn every day for close to a year.

I wear my Alex Woo "E" ($168) obviously because it's my initial, but also because I absolutely love the font of it as well as the boldness of it. As compared to the dainty script Tiffany & Co "E" I have worn in the past, this "E" is a lot more substantial and more fitting with my personality. Let me just say that I absolutely LOVE all of the Alex Woo necklaces. From initials to numbers to animals and zodiac signs, these make absolutely incredible everyday necklaces, and could fit every single personality! Next, I choose to wear my Helen Ficalora elephant necklace ($65 for the charm & $40 for the chain) because I love elephants; I am attracted to elephant accessories; and they symbolize good luck, and let's face it...everybody needs a little extra luck at all times!

The point is...I think it's so much fun to wear one, if not two, necklaces everyday that somehow symbolize who you are. Even if you like switching up your necklaces and can't commit to just one necklace everyday for a period of time, it's still enjoyable as well as important to have a necklace that you feel truly represents who you are and makes you feel unique. 

Below I have some cute everyday necklaces perfect for almost everyone!

1. For the SWEET Girl, the PREPPY girl, the HONEST girl
Coralia Leets - $148

Jennifer Zeuner - $286

Gorjana - $95

2. For the EDGY girl, the DARING girl, the CONFIDENT girl
Judith Jack - $100

Ginette_NY - $250

David Yurman - $625

3. For the CREATIVE girl, the BOHO girl, the HAPPY girl
Mania Mania - $220

Avant Garde Paris - $172

Rebecca Minkoff - $88

What necklace do you wear everyday?

PS- This is the necklace I'm eyeing next!
Jennifer Zeuner - $165

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