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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Excuse the corny title.

As I take a break from endless studying for finals in classes I will most likely never need, I drool over Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2012 line. It combines elegance, classiness and edginess into looks that us ladies can actually wear in our everyday lives, wherever they may take us.

These flowing dresses are certainly wearable and flattering. Look #1 is my personal favorite and closest to my everyday style as Rebecca makes an innocent flowery print edgy with a unique combination of accessories that I would not hesitate to wear for a second. No one would have to force me to wear any of these three looks, trust me.

I'm loving the silk pants in Look #2 here. The light blue, a normally unflattering color, is complimented by a looser, more flattering shape. Two pieces which I would normally never put together: a darker blue with hints of white and black printed silk blouse with light blue silk pants. While this would not be a normal outfit for me, it works. And it works well.

Look #1 wins again with the effortless but bold blazer matched with grey printed shorts that could be easily worn with a simple white tank as well. The look is not begging for attention, but it is trendy and glamorous. 

And if you EVER questioned Rebecca Minkoff's talents and selective eye before, stop questioning. I need this snake print jacket in Look #1. It is absolutely beautiful and captivating...and perfect.

So, the moral of the story is: Rebecca Minkoff does it again, providing us ladies with collection after collection of tailored clothing for the normal, everyday, fashionable woman.

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