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Thursday, July 7, 2011

From Summer to Fall with Yellow

Look as lively and exciting as Kim Kardashian and Joanna Garcia by rocking the "it" color: yellow.

Aqua - $58 (On sale at bloomingdales.com for $20...don't miss out!)

Topshop - $38

Marc by Marc Jacobs - $173

J Brand - $158 (Color comes in full length jeans as well!)

Equipment - $208

Wildfox - $108

Tory Burch - $95

Z Spoke Zac Posen - $525

Seems like you can't get through the summer without some form of yellow in your wardrobe. Maybe you'll start off with a yellow wallet or bag or be brave and try out a whole dress in yellow. However you incorporate yellow in your wardrobe, you will look great and shine like the sun.

What do you think of this bright yellow shade that the celebrities seem to be loving?

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